Mental Imagery

  • Mental Imagery applications in psychotherapy 400dpiLogo& hypnotherapy
  • Delivered over three non consecutive days¬†
  • Written and delivered by Kinga Oldham, MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
  • 21 CPD hours (three separate certificates)

The programme is:

  • grounded in practical experience of the author
  • transdiagnostic
  • filled with practical exercises
  • integrative

Consists of:

  • Day 1: Introduction to mental imagery
  • Day 2: The next step with mental imagery
  • Day 3: Advanced applications of mental imagery


  • explain main principles of working with imagery
  • introduce techniques to address psychological and physical distress
  • focus on working with emotions
  • provide experiential learning


  • ¬£90 per person per day

Rationale for using mental imagery in counselling/psychotherapy:

  • Problematic imagery is reported by clients with almost all mental health conditions.
  • Exploring imagery enhances assessment process (Beck, 2005).
  • Incorporating imagery can significantly boost therapeutic progress.
  • Ability to employ imagery techniques is included in core CBT competency framework (Roth & Pilling, 2007).

Link to the recording of one of the techniques

I also delivered a lecture on this subject, at the University of Salford in 2017.

Kinga Lecture Salford


Beck J.S. (2005) Cognitive Therapy for Challenging problems. New York. Guilford
Roth, A. D., & Pilling, S. (2007). The competences required to deliver effective cognitive and behavioural therapy for people with depression and with anxiety disorders.