My experience of regression hypnosis with Kinga was really quite extraordinary. I was a little unsure as to what may be unearthed by this method of therapy, however I found her approach was warm, and reassuring. Afterwards I felt like something had changed in me and albeit I couldn’t quite put my finger on what, it was certainly for the better. I felt calmer, more positive and like issues I had hidden had been overcome. I would recommend the use of alternative methods such as those provided by Kinga, immensely. As a practitioner I found her professional, but with an extremely calming and empathetic energy. J. (age-34) ~~~~

I have to say I didn’t know if it was going to work for me as I knew I would have to talk about some pretty personal stuff, but as soon as I met you I knew you were the right person. After only one treatment I had not had a panic attack since…and that was 2-3 months ago, plus my overall well-being, self-belief and motivation have massively improved. Even my friends have noticed a huge difference in me …It was a real turning point. Thank you so much .. Ann (age-31)~~~~

‘My life was transformed in an incredible way. I am sticking to the plan we have made and feel relaxed – not stressed. Before the therapy I struggled with myself a lot. I was very low. The first week to stick the plan was challenging and then it just became a routine. I started to reclaim my life !
I learned to challenge my thought processes and to assess ‘normality’ of my feelings. This has really grounded me, and I have learned to not be so harsh on myself. I also learned how to deal with my Mum’s death…. instead of just talking about my loss, I was able to reconnect to my Mother in a positive, spiritual way’. Luisa (age -24)~~~~

Kinga is a warm, gentle and generous therapist. Her talent for making you feel at ease, safe and relaxed is second to none. Since starting the treatment I can’t remember the last time I felt this at peace even though it’s busy, really busy, domestically and work-wise. I’m also amazed at how my weight has stabilised despite eating more and even full-sugar things. I am grateful for all her support and my only regret is that I did not find her sooner.. JJW (age-39)~~~~

‘I was suffering with anxiety and a lack of confidence. Usually friends and family would help me through this, however it had reached a point where it was becoming an issue. Hypnotherapy was suggested to me, at first I wasn’t keen because I felt like it was a short cut. I believe that positive change has to come from you, surely it couldn’t be that easy?! With Kinga the change does come from you through a mixture of counselling and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy allowed me to explore and enjoy my own subconscious, which helped me to deal with the issues quickly. Being so relaxed and calm, it is like you can see for the first time. It helped me realise the power I have over my own emotions, I am in control of my anxiety and confidence because it comes from me. The hypnotherapy itself, (if you open yourself up to it) is a life changing experience. I was surprised at my own imagination and the beautiful, dark and powerful images my mind conjured with Kinga’s guidance. I have had 2 sessions, and each time I walk out at peace and happy. It’s like the world goes from black and white into colour. I now feel safe knowing that if ever I lose myself, I have the tools to deal with the negative thoughts, and if I need to, I can visit Kinga again. Kinga is highly intuitive and understanding, she has a peaceful presence, allowing me to open up which normally I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. It is truly a wonderful experience.’ Josie (age-27) ~~~~

‘I’ve had quite a lot of stress Monday, Tuesday, this would have been the cracking point. Still up to now there has been no craving and I still haven’t smoked. I’m very happy as I wouldn’t normally have got this far. Within the first 24-hours I was so relaxed it was unbelievable. I would recommend you to anyone, I smoked very heavily for over 25 years and this is the first time I have gone this long without the use of any nicotine products. I can’t thank you enough … Paul (age-51) ~~~~

‘Thank you Kinga for the work you did with me. I used to drink a lot, never being able to stop and that made me to turn into a different person; angry, bitter -not pleasant at all. I often could not remember what I said the previous night, which was so embarrassing. But now, not only my urge to drink is gone, but I also noticed that I have started (completely effortlessly) to lose my weight !!! It was a life changing experience…. I feel way more confident and so much happier…and my husband loves the ‘new me’… Thank you. Thank you so much !!!!!’ Joanne (age-39) ~~~~

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you. The time I have spent with you has been invaluable and has already had a positive and noticeable impact on my life. Your warmth and understanding has made me feel at ease and I am very much looking forward to my next session! ‘ Victoria (age-30) ~~~~

This Gentleman was heavily attached to gambling… for years.. here is his story : ‘ I was desperate when I telephoned Kinga for the first time. It was evening and I didn’t even think she would answer my call. I was very wrong because she did and after a 10 minute conversation she left me feeling upbeat, focused and looking forward to my appointment a few days later. I had one session with Kinga, approximately 3 months ago and this is going to sound like a cliché; it was life changing. I haven’t looked back. I know Kinga is only a phone call away if ever I need her again. I am positive I won’t. Simon (age-26) ~~~~

‘I have always been interested in therapies alternative to conventional medicine so, decided to have a go at Reiki. I went not knowing much about it, but keeping an open mind and I had no expectations as to how it would affect me. I found it to be a beneficial experience. It was energising and gave me the stamina to get through a difficult week ahead. I did feel it released energy blockages in me, as a result I am still feeling the benefit of it today. I am definitely a lot more confident. It worked for me and I would highly recommend it and would do it again.’ Nadya (age-33) ~~~~

‘Before I booked my session with Kinga I was very sceptical, I thought that it would simply be a colossal waste of time (and money :). I was suffering from anger management problems and it was recommended to me to try hypnosis; to help me to ease the symptoms. My final thoughts after just one session are that it was quite effective, it has not fully erased the anger issue but it does allow me to remain much calmer. Also, I appear more pleasant and happy towards other people. I would recommend Kinga to anyone who is suffering from similar issues as I have been.’ Adrian (age-17) ~~~~

‘It was a very positive experience meeting you and I thank you for your overall professionalism, the session itself taught me a new vision of thought and that I feel I will continue to practice forever. My very best of wishes to you and your wonderful work.’ Jo (age-43) ~~~~

‘It was the first time ever that I was hypnotised. During the process I was trying to stay calm but soon I realised that Kinga’s voice was safely guiding me to a place I have never been to before… I had a deep seated family feud that was ‘haunting’ me on a daily basis.. We went back to the early years of my life and I was able to let go of what troubled me so much.. what I experienced truly exceeded any of my expectations. I found peace and understanding and I am so much more in control of my emotions … I feel so much happier… and for that I am eternally grateful. I recommend Kinga to all. ‘ Ava (age-61)~~~~

‘I recently watched your 2 recordings on Youtube which have helped me immensely. Your voice is so calm, soft, well spoken, slow and soothing and it really been a godsend to me especially at night when trying to sleep. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. Will you be doing another video soon, maybe to help with anxiety and depression? I know people would be so grateful, as I see only positive comments from other people on the you tube uploads you have. Anyway, I just wanted to say you have a gift and you have really healed me a lot these last few days…’ Sam~~~~